Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Waiting for fireworks
So, this is what I have to say:  Having three kids in four years was and still is a CRAZY idea.  I could very well end this post right there or I could ramble on and on and at the end- the same message will be clear.  I think I'll choose the rambling because my last post was forever ago.  This blogs whole purpose is to chronicle my life raising three young kids except for the the fact that I can't find the time to write it.  It's really quite the predicament.  I just put all three kids down for a nap and Lord knows that isn't going to last long so here we go...

Lately I find it so interesting how different my kids are.  They really are not alike in many ways except for their looks and then really only Carter and Paige look super similar.  I understand that Matt and I are different people and that creating these children together would give them unique personalities but seriously... who are these kids?!?  ;)  They collectively, along with Matt complete my world but they also keep it more interesting than it needs to be.  This is my family as I see them.

Always the cool kid
Carter.  He is the best looking 5 year old boy I have ever seen but he is trapped inside a teenage girls body.  The mouth on this kid is enough to make me want to pull my hair out one strand at a time.  He is always right, a little hyper, insistent on having the last word  and more stubborn than anyone I have ever met.  Matt seems to think he is just like me but I couldn't disagree more other than I MUST have the last word... which means you can imagine how Carter and I tolerate each other throughout the day! On the other hand, he is incredibly sensitive, interested in all sports and loves his Mama like nobody's business.  We may bicker all day long but before he goes to bed, right when he wakes up, when he is hurt, sad or tired- the boy needs and wants his Mama and in my book- those are the moments that count.  He is headed off to Kindergarten in the Fall and I cannot understand how he got old enough to go to school.  Better question would be how I got old enough to have a kid in Kindergarten. Huh.  Oh well, as long as I can't get a drink without being carded- I'll take it.  Although sending him off to school is frightening and a little sad, there is one part I am ecstatic about.  SCHOOL SHOPPING!  My guess is he won't care nearly as much as me but I am sure I can figure out how to make it fun for us both!

Miss Mischeivous
Paige.  If you could really get by on just looks, this girl would be in.  However, I'm trying to tell her that this is not the case.  I'm also trying to explain to her that it is completely unacceptable to pull down your pants and pee in the middle of the driveway  or poop in the backyard.  Yup, you read that right.  She really did it.  Or most recently the lesson was that you can't flush your underwear down the toilet to cover up an accident.  Ladies and Gentleman, DO NOT let the big bows and fancy dresses fool you.  Although she may like to play babies and wears whatever I dress her in, she is quite a stinker!  I have to give her credit because any time you ask her why she does something she never skips a beat and will give you a reason... even if it makes no sense.  Ex.  "Paige, why would you pee in the driveway?"  "Well, Mom, (in a voice that screams she thinks I am an idiot) I couldn't remember where I'm supposed to pee."  She just forgot after a year of potty training?  Seriously, how do I even respond to that?  She also recently tried soccer but we had to ask for a refund on that after two weeks.  Although really excited to get there, she just couldn't stop rolling around on the floor and playing with her hair bows.  Maybe next year.  Let's hope.  The most important thing about Paige is that she is funny.  I mean, really hilarious without really trying.  She says the craziest things and she must get her sense of humor from her Daddy because this girl can make you laugh all day long.  She is currently really into singing and you can hear some messed up rendition of nursery rhymes or Call Me Maybe coming from her room or the back of the car each and everyday.  She is my Ruby Girl and I can't imagine a day without her crazy antics.

Happy Boy!
Easton.  Dare I say that Easy E is acting and seeming pretty normal (gasp!) these days.  I mean, with the weird exception of his lips turning blue often even though he seems to be breathing ok and the fact that if he gets sick its guaranteed to last a whole freaking month!  Other than that, he is perfect! :)  So here is what we have recently discovered about this boy.  He fought really hard for this life and so we think he has decided to live it to the max.  When I say this, I'm really saying that this kid is nuts!  He loves to ruin drywall by ripping gates out of the wall.  That is a great pastime for him.  However, if you remove the gate, he practically jumps down the staircase.  I've tried to explain to him that he has nine lives, we get it.  Let's not press our luck.  He does the same thing on the lake or at the pool- Walks right off the edge.  I'm hoping he is just fearless as opposed to just not being very bright!  Easton is a great baby when we are in public or outside. He spends all his time speaking his crazy language to people and waving non stop with the biggest smile you have ever seen.  Life at home with Easton, not so fun.  This little boy clearly knows what he wants.  If he is not outside, he is yelling at us or standing by the door waiting for someone to take him out.  He never tires of yelling at us and does not give up easily.  I loved that trait about him when he was fighting for his life- I had no idea he was going to carry it through with EVERYTHING!  He's still my little miracle baby and I love him more than anything!

Matt and I are just trying to keep everything running smoothly.  OK, maybe smoothly isn't accurate.  We just try to keep everyone alive and somewhat happy.  It seems like our life is on full speed.  Matt is working more than ever.  Its annoying.  He left today at 5:45 and will probably get home at 5:00.  That's about his norm too.  If he isn't leaving for work super early, he is at the gym at 6:00.  He has some seriously long days and he is such a good guy that he only complains about it maybe once a month.  If that was my story, he would hear about it every single night.  So True.  I'm working three full days and either hanging with the kids the other days or running them to an appointment.  I've also been super dedicated to the gym and seeing just how strong I can get.  I tend to think I am Wonder Woman and now I am just seeing if I can really be!  Along with basketball, dance, golf and Kumon... we seem to be a bit tied up these days!  

We've got some stuff planned over the next couple of weeks.  Family time up north.  Should be a fun ride for 3 hours in the car when they all complain how long it takes to get to Fenton!  My Matty is turning 35 and we are off to celebrate in NYC.  Three quick days to see the city and then back to life on Oak Street.  It's a crazy world but I'm super proud of my family and even though some days are a little more than chaotic- I wouldn't be anywhere else!

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