Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Update, A Lot of Anxiety

Easy E is at it again.  Easy E... that's funny.  That is actually the funniest nickname THIS particular child could ever have.  Ha.  He is a lot of things but EASY ain't one one 'em!  

Sweetest face.
People are always asking me what's the latest scoop with Easton so here it is.  He was doing really well for awhile and caught up pretty much completely on his developmental milestones.  He runs, jumps, climbs up and down stairs, eats with a fork and repeats anything you ask him to.  He has come so far.  However the last couple of months, his lungs have sounded terrible.  He has a terrible wet cough every single day and he kind of sounds like a purring cat most of the time.  My pediatrician and I have been concerned and so I made the decision to switch to a new Pulmonologist to get another opinion.  He agrees with us 100% that he is not recovering like he should and that his X-rays show no improvement as well as a clinical exam that was not fabulous.  There seems to be a missing link.  A reason he isn't improving.  Something a little off.  We are off to the races tomorrow to start finding that missing piece. You can't fix whats wrong if you don't know what it is.  Tomorrow we are taking him to U of M to do a sweat chloride test to rule out Cystic Fibrosis.  Do I think he has CF?  NO! Do I still have a heavy heart, lost sleep and anxiety about it even being put on the table?  Absolutely.  I just want him to be OK.  That's all.  I'm growing so tired of him always having to go through testing or not feeling well.  It's exhausting.  On Tuesday night, we are doing a sleep study.  He has rather large tonsils so they want to check for Apnea but more that that I'm interested in what his oxygen levels do at night while he is sleeping.  Neither test will hurt, both will be annoying to him and in turn to us;)  He also had a complete shake up with all of his meds and hopefully that will get him breathing a little easier.   I'm hoping to have the results of both tests by the end of next week.  Please keep that smiling face in your thoughts and lets hope we can figure something out without having to continue further testing.

My Carter Bug is headed to Kindergarten in less that two weeks!!  The Principal came and read a story, the teacher assignment arrived in the mail, school supplies are bought and meet the teacher night is next week!  How is the world is that possible.  He is excited and nervous and so am I.  I have been so lucky to have been able to take him to work with me all of these years.  I've never had to turn him over and Lord knows I'm not thrilled about that.  Time for this control freak Mom to find a little Xanax and let the little bird fly.  Yikes!  Wish me luck on that!

Mrs. Turner.  Carter's Principal.
Paigey is still Paigey.  Gorgeous, sassy and FULL of life.  She is going to move to her 3 year old Preschool room soon and has already been testing the waters with the new teachers during her visits.  You know, flat out refusing to do simple things they ask just to see what they will do.  This is what I keep noticing... at dance time, she is the "helper."  At circle time, she is the "helper."  At snack time, she is the "helper."  I'm smart enough to know that your "helpers" are typically that for a reason so you can keep a hand on them at all times and so they don't tear up your room in the meantime.  We sure do love that girl!  I admire her spunk.  She says what she wants and does what she wants... wouldn't that be great!  All jokes aside, she is all you could ever want in a little girl.  She makes my heart happy and I cannot imagine a day without her. 

And this guy... I still love him:)  

That's all for now.  I'll update with good results soon.  I just know it!

The best of the best.


  1. I love your kids. I love your positivity - I know it has to be hard. Praying for Easy E to be a bit easier on his mama. His purpose in life must be huge because there sure is a lot fighting against him - but he will make it, and he will change the world someday :) Praying for you this week, mama. Keep us posted.