Friday, May 13, 2011

This and That

Where to begin...  It's amazing how much happens in a weeks time.  First off, I will start with this crazy pregnancy update that annoys me but many find interesting.  A couple of days after I was last discharged from Hurley, I was back there with contractions 1-2 minutes apart.  Without providing too much information to some readers, other things had progressed and I was admitted to labor and delivery and expected to have our baby.  These contractions continued for several hours with no other progressions.  My doctor could not help to make the labor move along because I was only 34 weeks.  Basically this means I got to have back to back contractions that hurt like you know what and I did not get a baby out of it!  I was offered a lot of pain medication but wasn't sure I wanted to take it if I wasn't having a baby.  After a few hours the decision was that I would stay where I was for a few hours and if nothing changed they would move me back to the Antepartum floor.  It took about 2 minutes of hearing that news that both Matt and I decided that wasn't happenin'!  I just got home from there two days ago and I have children that would like to see their Mother from time to time.  I hit the call button and struck a deal.  I would stay for 3 more hours and if nothing happened, I was going home on oral pain medication and I would leave AMA if necessary to relieve my doctor of any medical liability.  Sure enough, after a total of about 12 hours of back to back contractions, everything subsided.  The nurses could not believe that the contractions just stopped.  They were so sure I would deliver that they already called down to NICU to put me on their board for an early morning delivery.  It was really awful.  It wasn't even the disappointment of being admitted to labor and delivery and then discharged without giving birth, it was more that I wasn't sure how I was going to manage that level of pain at home.  The next morning I went to see my doctor to make sure nothing had changed at home.  Nothing had and she let me know that she didn't want me in that pain at home and that at any point I could check into the hospital for pain management with Stadol (my favorite drug ever) or Morphine.  I really love Dr. Hardas and  I completely understand that her hands are tied.  She can't induce my labor at this gestational point just because of pain but she has such compassion, understanding and empathy for what this is like.  I should clarify that the pain is from two issues.  The first and most severe is location.  This baby is in a place that he shouldn't be until much further into labor.  The second is the constant contractions I endure.  Constant meaning most of the day, just a few minutes apart.  I just keep telling myself that he is not coming out for a reason.  He must not be ready.  I don't think there is any way that I would be forced to go through this if it wasn't for a reason.  I am better equipped to deal with the pain than a tiny baby would be with a different struggle.  I'm no longer enjoying it, but I can and will do it until he is good and ready to join this world.  Hopefully, this will be SOON!  I'm so glad this is happening during my third pregnancy and not my first or there may not have been a second;)

On a brighter note, I was lucky enough to get to celebrate this baby with friends twice this week!  My friends from the fabulous Oak Street took me to dinner, gave me gorgeous gifts and a brought a delicious cake.  I could, should, and probably will dedicate a whole post to this awesome neighborhood that we moved into.  It has the BEST people living in it and we couldn't be happier to have these people in our lives.  I also had a luncheon with some of the most important ladies in my life.  It was a gorgeous day and we actually got to enjoy lunch outside.  I received great gifts for my little boy and loved the company.  I still feel lucky despite the craziness in my life.

Next up was Mother's Day.  We had a great day.  We started the day with breakfast with Matt's Mom and Dad at Bob Evans.  Down on the farm is always a guaranteed delight.  My husband and kids got me the best gift.  They decided that this year Mama didn't need flowers.  Mama was gonna need a drink after this baby finally makes his appearance!  They bought me the Margaritaville Margarita Maker. If you don't have one,  you should.  Check it out Here!  The kids played outside and we all hung out as a family.  For dinner we met my Mom and Dad, Tara, Diego,Cruz and Jagger for dinner at Redwood Lodge and a trip to the park.
Mother's Day 2011

This week has actually been kind of a blur.  I have been trying to take care and spend time with my kids and somewhat manage the pain without taking too many pills and being in a fog all day.  The good news is that the nursery is finally complete.  And, it's fabulous!
The Bathroom

Hopefully the next time I write a post it will be announcing my new baby boy!

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