Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little Hurley and the big Thirty!

The lovely view from my room.
Checking on baby.

Yuck!  I won't miss these a bit.

Once again, I was fortunate enough to spend some time at my second home.  The big HMC!  This time my fluid levels were a little low so we checked in for some fluid, an antibiotic course and to keep a close eye on the little baby.  Pregnancy isn't supposed to be this difficult and I am looking forward to the end in sight.  I'm back home with my family where I belong for now.  I received my progesterone injection today which has been keeping me pregnant and only have to get one more next week.  I'm contracting like crazy but somehow I'm still pregnant.  I'm guessing we will have our new little man within the next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks which was our goal.  It would be best to hold out a few more weeks but at least everyday now is just icing on the cake.  There were so many times I worried that he was going to come too early and it looked as though he would.  One of my friends (who also happens to be a labor and delivery nurse) recently told me that with all of my unexplainable issues it must be God's way of saying, "Don't ask questions, I've got it under control."  I think she is right.

This trip to Hurley was a little extra special since I had to spend my birthday there.  Matt decorated my room with balloons the day before to make sure everyone knew that the big day was approaching:)

When I first found out that I would not be released for my birthday, I was definitely a little bummed.  I thought about it for awhile and decided that crying over it wasn't going to help and that life could be worse, so I quit crying and got excited.  I love my birthday.  I always have.  I feel like a little kid every time it is approaching.  One would think that as I get older it would become less exciting but it doesn't.  I'm pretty sure it never will and I like it like that.  Turning 30 was even more important to me than usual.  You know it's a big birthday when Hallmark has special milestone cards for the event.  I usually don't think much about the next year but I must admit I gave this one some serious time.  Turning 30 feels like you have finally grown up.  A real adult.  I'm exhilarated by the mere thought of this.  I feel like I am still about 23.  I realize all of the responsibilities that I have but somehow never feel like I am any older.  People are always surprised when I tell them how old I am because I'm fortunate enough to look young.  (To ensure it stays that way, I started my 30th birthday morning with some new moisturizer and wrinkle cream.  Obviously.)  My twenties were great to me.  I graduated from college, married my husband, purchased two homes, had two children and another on the way.  I'm not sure the 30's can top all that, but I challenge them to it.  Bring it on because I am ready!  

I actually had a fabulous day on my birthday.  I had people in my room from 8:15am-7:15pm with only 20 minutes of alone time.  That is awesome!  The day started with Bob Evan's breakfast with My Mama, sister and nephew, Jagger.
Mimi and Jagger

My sweet new nephew.

Next up was a visit with Matt, Carter and Paige.  The kids loved my balloons and immediately attacked them upon arrival!  They also brought me some fabulous presents which made the visit a little sweeter.  I'll post just a couple of things for viewing pleasure.

I got LOTS of presents.  I'm sure it was because I'm so pleasant.
Pretty ring number 1
Pretty ring number 2
Always a good choice.

The only delicious thing Hurley has ever served.

The nurses sent up a piece of chocolate cake for my birthday.  How sweet is that?
Cruzey shared my cake:)

At lunch time, I got to visit with Tara, Diego, Cruz and Jagger.  Cruz made my day.  I'm not sure if I have ever been asked more questions in my entire life and I loved answering every single one!  Next up were my friends Jill and Jena (Suzanne and Ian came the night before), Nate and Sarah, Barb and Denny, and then Matt and the kids again.  There was a lot of entertainment and laughs.  The day ended with my Mom, Dad, and Matt.  My parents brought dinner and my favorite Uncle Ray's Frozen Yogurt Pie.  Not to worry because Mom even thought to bring "Birthday Girl" plates and napkins- just like a real party. She knows I need that;) The pie was delicious and after I opened a few more presents which again makes me very happy.
Notice:  Typical Mom wrapping and Dad butchering my poor pie in the background!

New sparkly shoes make the compression socks better.
After all, it's always important to accessorize.
The day was great and I am so grateful for everyone who helped to make it the best it could be.  I have good people in my corner and its nice to have days where you get to feel special.  Can't wait to see what this year has in store for me.

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