Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The end of 2011...

Time sure does fly.  Sometimes.  Sometimes it actually seems to stand still.  However, most of the time- it flies.  This year has been rocky but its also been awesome.  Our family is complete.  I have been pregnant or had a baby every year for the past 5 years.  As exciting as that is, its also a little exhausting.  I'm really looking forward to moving ahead.  Watching my children grow and change as I do the same.  Life with three kids under five is crazy but its also a dream come true.  It is what I have wanted my entire life.  I've learned to accept and expect the craziness but to also find the time to stop and laugh at the chaos.  There is no way around the chaos.  I don't care how organized you are- its a crazy life.  And its fun.  And super rewarding.  There are not a ton of things that I can say I am really good at but I do think that I've found my way as a Mother.  If I am not good at anything else for the rest of my life its OK because I have confidence that I am succeeding at the most important thing I will ever do.  I think I am raising secure children that are learning right from wrong, beginning to understand values all while absorbing all the love that we as a family share.   The future looks bright.

The Best Gift Ever.
An Easton update:  Finally, we have a great team of doctors looking after our sweet boy.  We have a new great pediatrician that is leading us in the right direction.  We have had Easton evaluated by a Neurologist and Pulmonologist.  He has an MRI and an evaluation for physical therapy scheduled for the first week of January.  The main concerns now are the fact that he has Chronic Lung Disease, a floppy airway and is really struggling to gain weight as a result of the effort his body has to make to breathe.  He is in good hands with the physicians and has parents that have a close eye on him at all times.  We feel confident that in three or four years he can make a full recovery.  I'm expecting bumps in the roads and am as prepared as I can be for any setbacks.  I vowed to walk this journey with him and that is my full intention.  Whatever it takes- I'm right there holding his hand.  He has changed my life on so many levels and I will never forget how blessed I am to have him in my home and not just in my heart.  

Gingerbread house 2011

Christmas is right around the corner and I sure have some excited kids in this house!  Our elf "Pete" could not create more excitement even if he tried.  These kids barely have their eyes open as they come barreling down the stairs to see where he is watching from each day.  We have done our share of festivities this year.  So far we have made gingerbread houses, baked cookies, had school programs and even had brunch with Santa.  I love the magic of Christmas.  It is especially fun to watch Carter.  He is beyond excited.  He is trying to figure it all out.  He knows there are some glitches in the stories but he is still fascinated by the whole idea.  There have been more questions this year.  For example:  How does Santa get into our house if there is glass on our fireplace?  Why don't I ever see the reindeer tracks?  How does Pete fly in and out of our house?  We answer the best we can and then when we run out answers we confess that we really don't know all the answers...because its magic!  
Cookie Baking with Patty

My Christmas Crazies
And now for the big news...  My journey to the Mini Van.  Some people don't care what they drive.  Some people do.  I happen to care.  A lot.  I care so much that I switch cars like some people switch their clothes.  OK, maybe that's an exaggeration... but not by much.  I am very fortunate.  My parents always provided me with very nice cars and ever since I have bought my own- I have been able to do the same. I like nice things.  While I was pregnant and in bed with Easton, I bought my last car.  Literally, from my bed.  Never left the house.  Found it online and had it delivered.  (Yes, this is an option!)  Maybe I was bored, maybe I was crazy.  Possibly both.  Anyways, I bought a Yukon Denali because I was having a third kid and needed more room and of course, more luxury;).  What I got was a bigger car with no more room.  It is sort of like driving a big box down the road with a lot of wasted space.  It does not suit my needs of multiple strollers, bags, groceries, junk, etc that I need in my car at all times.  Its so big and I am so short that its the most inconvenient car for me to have.  My kids have to climb in and get themselves filthy daily and then nine times out of ten they clumsily fall out of the car while insisting on exiting by themselves.  Its no treat heaving Easton's car seat in and out either.  Overall, this car is a fail in all areas except that it looks cool.  So this brings me to the mini van.  This big box that I drive down the road has decided to give me lots of trouble the last few weeks leading me to a rental car of a mini van!  Those 4 days were so easy transporting the kids around that I got right on the phone figuring out how to get myself one of those bad boys!  My life is chaotic and if there is one tiny thing can make it a little easier- I'm game!  Sounds like a no brainer, right?  Wrong.  Something was standing in my way.  That's right, my ego!  Not to sound crazy but I must be honest.  Everything made perfect sense about this van EXCEPT that I couldn't bring myself to drive it.  I have literally gone back and forth for over a week about this trivial, meaningless subject of transportation.  The more I thought about it, the more mad I got that I was going to inconvenience myself because I was too cool for a van.  Oh, no!  Not this time.  I decided that I'm stepping up and kicking my ego aside.  I'm not only buying the van today.  I am gonna rock that van and I am going to revel in the convenience it brings my life.  I am now a mini van driving, mother of three.  And I couldn't be happier about it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I hope the holidays are relaxing, safe and thrilling for you all!


  1. Just busted out laughing in the middle of the office! Love it, Linds! Rock that Minivan!

  2. Yeah!!! I always just told myself just hurry and get in. Once you're in, it's no longer a van. The kids watch the movies, no banged doors, I tell them to climb in and out and they can without injuring themselves, and there is more storage than I know what to do with! Just don't add the 200 bumper stickers some moms do - instantly NOT a cool van :) John has a Tahoe. When my last van died, he was trying sooooo hard for me to take over that and he would get a small car to drive to work. As much as I wanted to look cooler, there was just no way.Not yet. But after this van? You can bet my next vehicle will be uber-cool, lol.

  3. You are so funny! If someone is going to judge me because I drive a minivan, well I don't want to be their friend anyway. ;) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  4. I'm just trying to fit in with you cool Mom's!