Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rolling with it...

I am becoming the worst blogger in the world.  It's a shame too because I really like it but I am having the most difficult time finding a few minutes to sit down and let my fingers fly!  Something is happening with the Clark's this year.  I don't want to call it the "Clark Curse" because we did get a sweet baby boy this year and I would also like to think its just a coincidence that everything is so crazy right now and not actually a curse.  I'm not sure if we are being tested or what but we are trying to just roll with it.  Allow me to share a few things that have been going on and hopefully shed a little light on the reason I can't blog!

It all started January 15, 2011 when I got put on bed rest FIVE months before my due date!  This was a challenge but we rolled with it.  We figured it out and had a pretty good attitude about it.  It was the price to pay to have a healthy baby.  Hmmm, obviously it wasn't a guarantee but once again, we rose to the occasion.  We stood up and fought for our boy.  We survived.  Actually, I think we more than survived- we were courageous and walked through the fear while being as optimistic as possible.  Not an easy task.  These days Easton is a smiley, sweet, loving little angel that I couldn't love more if I tried.  I cannot explain how I feel about him other than to say that he is part of me.  He is fairly healthy.  He looks great, has a good disposition but he struggles.  Its so hard to watch.  I know that things could be much worse but it still worries me night and day.  I finally switched pediatricians and got somebody to actually take a look at him.  She is lovely and she agrees that we have some issues that need to be addressed.  Currently I spend all of my time (that I am not at work and chasing my other two kids) running Easton to appointments.  In the last week and in the weeks to come he has a ton of things going on.  He is seeing a neurologist, has been referred to a pulmonologist at U of M, will begin physical therapy, just had some blood work done to try and rule things out and will be having more frequent appointments to monitor his growth.  Things are complicated.  Its hard to find the time to fit these appointments in, work, spend time with the other kids, spend time with my husband, take care of my house, and Christmas shop!  I'll figure it out but its kicking my butt!  Let me add a few details of the last week...  Flying home from Florida over Thanksgiving we had the pleasure of having our flight delayed.  While on board we were notified that  a computer broke so we got to make an unexpected landing in Atlanta so they could install a new computer WITHOUT letting us off the plane.  Normally not a huge deal but with all three kids on board, it wasn't exactly thrilling.  Another issue is my garage door.  Its broke.  Shouldn't be a big deal but it is!  We called to have it fixed.  They don't have the part.  Apparently they aren't too accurate on the estimated arrival of the part since its been two weeks and they said two days.  The first day this happened, I was trapped in my garage with all kids buckled in their seats.  Had to call my Dad.  Had a mishap- scratched the top of my car.  Blah, blah, blah, we solve the problem and its fine.  We move hour later.  Each day and night, Matt has to manually open and close the door.  Today was awesome.  The door is open so I begin backing out.  As I do this the door slams down on the back of my car and scared the bejesus out of me and my kids.  I have to get out and lift the entire weight of the door.  Its only like a million pounds.  I don't know how I did it but I found some crazy hercules strength and opened that door....only to have it slam down again because I am not tall enough to get it all the way up.  Shocker.  Not to worry because I am resourceful and found a piece of trim to prop that bad boy up.  Mission accomplished.  I rolled with it and I only swore once.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  Oh, wait there is more.  Maybe I should tell you where I was going when all this went down at 8am.  I was trying to drop my kids off at school so I could drop my car off at the dealership. That's right, my car is broke too.  My car has decided that if will only start when it feels like it.  Very random and with no rhyme or reason.  Its pretty fun and not at all scary to go anywhere never knowing if I will actually make it back home.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of calling roadside assistance to jump start my car out of my own garage only making me an hour and a half late for work.  Are you getting the picture?  What in the world is going on here?  Its one thing after another.  Its getting more annoying every day. There is so much more but just thinking about all the mishaps is exhausting me!  Sometimes I just laugh, sometimes I want to cry because everything just seems hard but at the end of the day- I just roll with it.  Or try to.  I have to wrap up because I must sleep before my kids wake up at 5AM- nope, not kidding!  Tomorrow is an exciting day of chasing and gathering chest x-ray films around Genesee County  to take to next weeks appointments

On a positive note my house is decorated for Christmas!  Both Christmas trees are up and the outside of my house is lit up as if Clark W. did it himself.

Crazy Paigey decided to wear "undawares" and is fully potty trained... most of the time.
This girl is crazy.

Carter learned to snap his fingers after months of trying.
Mr. Dreamy

Easton continues to blow me away with sweetness.
Happy Boy
It's crazy around here but things could be worse.  That said, we are so looking forward to 2012!  

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Damn woman! I admire your strength. Every time I see you, you always have a smile and that says a lot :)