Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventures in Parenting

No rest for the weary.
Disclaimer:  I dream of a quiet room all alone with a cup of hot chocolate where I can sit looking at beautiful scenery as I write really important blogs and pour my heart and soul out without time constriction.  However, like I said, that is a dream.  Currently, I am at home with all three kids.  I'm in between loads of laundry and listening for the oven timer to go off.  There is a lot of hollering behind me.  It varies between Carter and Paige tattling on one another and fighting with an occasional yell from Easton because his sister is sitting on him, stealing his stuff or knocking him over.  Accidentally, of course.  Regardless of my current situation I wanted to update everyone on Easy E.

Adventures in Parenting.  That's what I am calling it.  This week was a tough one.  Easton had four appointments this week and I had to work three days.  We just got home from our final appointment and I couldn't be happier this week is over.   The first one was the MRI.  His neurologist had requested it months ago but I had put it off because I didn't feel it was necessary.  Easton was developmentally behind but I wanted to give him a chance to catch up without having to put him under anesthesia because I didn't think he was stable enough.  However, recently Easton has been showing significant weakness on his left side.  He sort of drags his left leg behind when crawling and tucks his left arm.  This was enough for me to agree to do the test.  The day of was dreadful.  You have to starve the poor baby and then to make matters worse- they were running behind by two hours!  They put him under general anesthesia because of his history and age and Matt and I paced the halls of the hospital during the test.  There are somethings you can't just sit in a chair for!  Easton was awesome.  He did absolutely great and had no complications!  Next came the waiting.  The results were supposed to be in on Wednesday and were not.  As the hours dragged on I was beside myself.  I would rise to the occasion no matter what Easton has but I was having a difficult time with some of the possibilities.  During this time I was having terrible headaches and the most annoying, constant eye twitch.  I had myself so worked up I thought I was going to be on the MRI table next!  Yesterday, the results came in and were... NORMAL!  His neurologist will look at the results himself but initial findings were normal so I'm going with that.  Amen!  Crossed another hurdle.  We still will need to investigate and find the cause as to what is causing this issue but at least we know its not his brain.  I'm so happy.  Next up was his Opthamologist appointment. Babies that were ventilated can have damaged eyes so we had to make sure he was good.... and he was! Wednesday was a weight check (which he lost) and his RSV prevention shots which is now divided into two pokes.  Awesome.  After the shots we had to head to physical therapy where we now have a weekly 10:15 date.  Easton HATED it.  Wow.  He was so mad that we could only stay for half the session.  Its unclear to me if it hurts or he is just frustrated because its hard.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with him being forced to do something he doesn't want to.  No way.  Today was our last appointment.  It was his Pulmonology appointment.  Funny how last time around I was scared to go to this one and now I'm scared of everything but this!  He is doing well.  Still has mainly the same condition but his maintenance plan seems to be working.  We increased his reflux med and switched him to an inhaler from the nebulizer to make life easier... Yay!  I just love when people realize that easy is what I need in life!  All in all- this week was good.  It was hard to get through and very trying but its over, everyone survived and my eye stopped twitching.  We had a lot of positive news this week and I am feeling refreshed.  Parting words from his lung doctor as I am walking out the door:  "We will get him doing better all the time,  hang in there."  I'm diggin' this chick!
He's going to Kindergarten:(



Holy Hair!
February has been insanely busy for the Clark family.  Our calendar is literally packed almost every day. We are busy trying to lock down a date and venue for an awesome charity dinner we are planning.  I will be posting the details and I hope you can all come help to raise some money and celebrate our miracle!

Matt has been busy redecorating our main floor.  Yep, Matt.  Carter is kicking some major booty at basketball.  This kid is a dribbling machine and even trying some sweet tricks rolling the ball over his back and shoulders.  Paige is Paige.  The girl is a gem.  Matt and I were just talking about how much she brings to our world.  She is the funniest child in the world.  She is so sassy and finds her greatest pleasure in antagonizing he older brother.  She is full of it at all times and I love her so much I can't take it.  Her newest stunt is refusing to wear pull ups to bed.  She claims she is a big girl and states with 100% confidence that she won't pee the bed.  Matt seems to believe her and lets her go to bed in big girl pants.  I'll let you all guess where that takes us at 3am.  God love her for trying:)

NICU Mom's.  Yeah, its kinda like a sick club we are in.  Others may even think we speak another language:)  It's all good.
Normal Chaos
Serious Business

Here's to hoping we get continued good news with very few setbacks!  Have a great weekend!

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