Saturday, May 18, 2013

Team Easton 2013

Team Easton Gives Back 2013, raised over $32,000!!!!  This means that in only two events we have raised almost $60,000 for the Hurley Medial Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Wow.  Those numbers blow me away.  It all started with a thankful Mama who wanted to give back.  Combine that with selfless, awesome, giving people to join me in paying it forward and you end up really making a difference.  I'm not typically at a loss for words but I'm not really sure how to even find appropriate sentiments to match how I feel about this event.   The thank yous are a necessity.  First and foremost, thank you to the Hurley NICU for saving my son.  His fragile life would not have survived without each and everyone of you doing your very best on any particular day you touched our Easton.  He's a big deal and he's going places...just wait and see!  Thank you to Elga Credit Union for giving us our first corporate sponsorship!  Thank you, Iva @ Affairs to Remember for turning the ballroom into the most gorgeous space imaginable.  You work too hard and are so supportive of our event.  Thank you.  Thank you to Hicks Studio in Fenton for our invitations, Gerych's for gorgeous centerpieces for the second year in a row and to Cakes by Sarah for our delicious deserts!  Still Rain, you are great performers and we are so grateful you provide such great entertainment!  Thank you, Jodie Cooper for making our auction so pretty.  Also, special thanks to our families, my Mama, Kim, Raechel and Nathan P., and every other person who helped or supported Team Easton in anyway.  We cannot do this alone- YOU made a huge difference.

The party was so much fun and we had about 30 people from Hurley come to celebrate with us.  If you couldn't make the party this year- we will see you next.  Amie Akers donates her time and talent to capture our event.  Here are some pictures to preserve the evening.  Thank you, Amie!
The man of the hour.

Hurley represents!

Even the news came:)

Listening to Mama speak.
The Mom's
"I'm a miracle!"

We Love Roberta!
"My Patty"

NICU nurses and a couple Mama's

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