Saturday, July 27, 2013

You only get one shot...

My best friend lost her Mom last week.  I'm gonna say that again because it doesn't seem possible... My best friend lost her Mom last week.  We have discussed it and we don't think we are old enough to lose a parent yet.   I know it happens all the time and to many people younger than ourselves but its so wrong.  And so sad.  And painful.   Linda first got sick in November 2012.  Her body was not very strong and didn't rally for her as well as we would have liked.  There were many factors involved, some she could have and should have controlled, where other issues were not her fault- rather just a bum deal handed to her.  I have known her since I was 18 years old when Kim and I became friends.  She was a vibrant personality, always left a lasting impression and gave us a lot of funny stories to entertain ourselves with over the years.  People knew "Kim's Mom" and  I'm so glad to have known her too!

I remember when Easton was in the NICU, my Mom told me that although she loved my new baby, the most tragic part of the experience was watching me.  Watching me battle my way through a horrifically sad situation and not being able to do a single thing about it.  I thought I understood where she was coming from since I am a Mother and couldn't imagine not being able to help my children in a dire situation.  Turns out, I didn't really get it until very recently.  Kim may not be my daughter but she is my best friend.  I was painful watching her.  Linda's battle was about 8 months long.  She would do OK for brief periods but never did great. Never was the Mom that Kim knew for the past 31 years.  I cannot possibly add up the hours Kim and I have spent discussing LDH (Linda).  Trying to figure her out was a daunting task.  She never quite did what anyone thought she would do.  (I love a lady with some spirit!) She was in and out of the hospital, in and out of the rehab/nursing center, and kind of mentally in and out of what was going on.  It was sad.  Really sad.  And scary.  I think being Kims best friend, I got more information than I needed and it always came with a raw delivery.  Many times it was hard to find words but I just did my best to be a source of strength for my friend.  Kim is tough.  Probably too tough.  She is a capable human and a caretaker by nature.  She stood by her Mom and I am proud of her.  Kim is the a person you want on your side.  Trust me.  Don't even get me started about Don, Kim's dad.  This man took care of Linda's every single need until the day she left us.   He is a hell of a man and we could all only be lucky to have someone half as great as him standing by us.  He is one in a million.

My point to all this is that life is always changing.  There are no guarantees.  You only get one shot, well unless you're Easton because I am pretty sure he in on round eight or nine!  YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES.  The body we live in determines our length of stay.  You can't turn it in for a better, cooler model.  You have to work with what you have and get yourself into a position of optimum health to the point of which you can control.  People often say to me that I'm thin so it is easy for me, or I like to workout so its easy for me.  My favorite is that I can eat whatever I want and still look like I do.  The last one is the most irritating and NONE of them are true.  First of all I hate working out.  I don't like to sweat and I would much rather spend my hour watching Real Housewives or anywhere!  But, I do it.  I also choke down a super boring breakfast that I don't want every morning and polish it off with a protein shake that has a bad texture and terrible after taste while most people are enjoying a nice latte from Starbucks.  Lunch and dinner also aren't exactly a good time because I hate vegetables and would be cool if I never saw a piece of grilled chicken again but I eat it anyway.  Its called discipline and I have that.  None of this is about the number on a scale or the size of your pants.  This is about being Fit.  Being Healthy.  Getting your body into a position to rally for you when you need it.  Please do it.  Please dig deep and get yourself positioned for a successful journey here on this planet.  You know that saying... "The strong shall inherit the Earth," its true.  Be here for the takeover.  

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