Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This is it.

My whole life I have always dreamed about what life would be like when I was a wife and Mother.  Where I would live, what I would look like, who I would marry, what my kids names would be and how many I would have.  Literally, my whole life was spent thinking about this.  It was always my main focus of what I needed out of life.

This.  Is.  It.

Today I woke up and folded laundry, fed three kids breakfast, broke up some arguments, handed out vitamins, dressed them all, brushed hair and teeth and headed out.  We first stopped at the store because I needed to run in real quick to get five things.  Real quick and three kids... that's super funny.  Easton is riding in the cart and about 500 ft into the store he drops his sucker and then cries for the rest of the trip because I am not a nice Mama and wouldn't give him the sucker back off the Walmart floor.  Carter and Paige are giggling about who knows what and a little louder than they should be.  All was fun and games until Carter tripped Paige and her hot pink flip flop went flying down the aisle.  Now she is crying which makes two kids... so that's cool.  One out of three managed to make the 15 minute trip through the store without tears- we call that a success!  Better than losing them all.  As I am motoring my way towards the door I kept noticing people smile at me.  I would smile back as I tried to calmly keep on truckin' regardless of the scene we were making.  This is when it occurred to me that- this is it.  

Always mismatches jammies!

Scary combination

This very moment is what I dreamed about my whole life.  I always wondered what it would be like and I am right in the throws of it.  And, its really, really awesome despite the daily chaos.  Its so easy to get caught up in how hard things are or how busy we are and managing everyones activities and praying everyone is healthy, etc.  But, this is what its all about.  In just a few years I know I am going to miss this.  I am going to miss the little face that says, "I need a potty.  Now!," or "Can you just do one pony tail today," or "Will you rub my arm, Mama?"  Its going to be gone in a flash.  Having a 2, 4 and 6 year old really feels like I am in the middle of the most important time in my life.  The level of responsibility I have to shape and help grow these little humans is kinda scary.  I am confident about one thing- I can totally do this.  I will make mistakes, I will yell when I shouldn't and I will make them mad, but I can and I do love them so much that nothing else really matters.  

Everybody that you run into has a lot going on in their life.  Its just how things roll.  Life is complicated and twisted and always has hills and valleys.  I'm trying really hard to stay in the moment.  To memorize their faces at this age.  To remember what they say.  That is the whole purpose of this blog.  I need to reread stories about poop in my car and craziness at Walmart because it really is the best time of my life...even if it doesn't look that way.  

We all know I am not the one to say that having three little kids is all butterflies and unicorns because that's just a lie.  However, in the big picture that's how I want to think about it.  I want to create memories that last forever and as excited as I am to have a little more freedom to do things with my husband- I don't want them to grow up either.  It's a good thing I can't control time because I would be so confused trying to decide if I should speed it up or slow it down.

This life is a blessing.  My little family of five has made my whole world complete.  They give me purpose.  They teach me lessons.  Parenting is a gift, lets not forget that.
We got this.

Play Ball

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