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This blog is going to talk about the happenings in my life.  My life mainly consists of my family.  Most people know my family first hand but I thought I should introduce you to them in the way that I view them- what they mean to me.  I'm sure you will learn and hear more about them than they will appreciate in the days to come:)

Matthew:  My husband, best friend, father of my children, partner for life.
My Husband.
My Best Friend.
My Matthew.
Matt and I began dating about 10 years ago.  We had gone to the same high school but he was a bit older than me so I knew who he was but had never actually spoke to him.  I met him while home on my first summer break from college.  He was working at Hurley Health and Fitness Center and I was a member. Our recollections of this initial meeting are not even remotely similar but since this is my blog, I get to tell it my way...the correct way.  Basically, he followed me around the gym for a few days and finally I let him know that I knew exactly who he was.  One thing led to another, blah-blah-blah, and we started dating.  It was a fun summer but then I had to go back to school.  Sadly, we broke up a few times because I thought I should be single at college. That didn't last long and a year later Matt (the CMU graduate) moved to WMU!  Obviously the former Chippewa didn't move to be closer to me but to "pick up a Master's Degree" as a Bronco...because that's normal.  Whatever, I, and the rest of the world know the truth.  Long story short, we both graduated and moved back to Grand Blanc.  We were married a year later on June 3, 2006 and are about to have our third baby together.  We really are livin' the dream and we not only recognize it but we appreciate it.  Not everyday is sunshine and roses but all in all- we can't complain.  We are very compatible and would rather spend our time together than with anyone else.  What more could I ask for?

Partner's for life.  

Matt is a great partner for me.  He is calm, even tempered, ambitious, honest, smart, and fun to be around. I think that Matt may be the one person in my life who can surprise me.  I'm pretty nosy and like to be "in the know" but he has managed to get something over on me more than once.  I don't always admit this but today I will,  he is funny.  Not quite as funny as he believes he is, but funny none the less.  I'm not sure there is a day that goes by that he doesn't break into song and dance at some random point making us laugh.  Regardless of my mood, he can always make me smile.  I'm an independent woman but I feel very safe with him.  He is a great provider for our family and loves to spend time with our kids.  Truly a fantastic father.  He plays with them, cares for them, protects them and loves them with all he has.  He is involved in their lives and they will be better people because of it.  

Carter Paul Clark:  My first born son and the one who taught me to love like nothing else.  He gave me a different kind of purpose in life and more strength and confidence in myself than I ever thought possible.  
Unbelievably handsome at 1 year old.

DO NOT touch my baseball.
Carter looks just like his Daddy.  He is sensitive, sweet, stubborn, moody and delightful all in one.  He has a lot of energy, doesn't require much sleep at night, loves his sister fiercely, and the sweetest smile that can melt your heart.  He loves his scooter like nobodys business and would stay outside all day if possible. He likes to play sports, swim and basically do anything that requires movement.  He has a sweet spot for his Mama but is always ready to wrestle with his Dad.  I don't have the right words to explain what this little boy means to me.  I love him more than anything.  He will be 4 years old on May 30 and I cant wait to see what the new year brings.
Takes after his Daddy
Smarty Pants.
Lovin' his Paigey.
The coolest 3 year old I know.

Paige Ruby Clark:  My daughter, my dream come true.  I think most women would like to have a daughter.  I knew I would enjoy one but after having a son first, I also knew I would be OK with just boys.  I thank God everyday for Paige.  She was meant for me.  She makes me be the woman I need to be in this world because I know I am her example.  She is the ultimate gift.
Mama and Paige. 1 day old.

Paige came into this world one month early and has not been in a hurry for anything else since she arrived.  She is a peaceful soul.  She has one mood: pleasant.  She is sweet, reserved, silly, happy and generally the most easy going of our group.  As she approaches two she is showing a little more sass but not enough to change her demeanor.  She doesn't say a whole lot but she manages to get what she needs and wants without a problem.  She has a brother who likes to speak for her and parents that are so over the moon with her that they cater to her every whim.  She loves to play with her babies, read books and puzzles can occupy her for hours on end.

Happiest baby in town.

Dance class.

Mama's girl
Daddy's girl.
Marker or lipstick?

Baby Boy Clark:  Our miracle baby.  He may not have a name but he very much has a place in this family.  Once he arrives, he will get a whole post in his honor.  We love you and can't wait to meet you.

His debut will make us a "Party of Five."

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