Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter- Clark Style

Busy, Busy, Busy.

Mama doesn't believe a floor length gown is too much;)
We really like Easter in this house.  I didn't always think of it as the most exciting holiday but my kids seem to have a lot of enthusiasm about it and that makes it so much fun.  I'm not going to lie- I do find great pleasure in an egg hunt myself.  I tend to be really good at it but I will save those stories for a little later.  This Easter, like all others, was a full day.  I will admit I had to cheat mildly on my bed rest because I couldn't NOT participate in my kids excitement.  I was a good girl.  I went places but I stayed seated once I reached my destination.  The celebration started on Saturday for Carter and Paige when Mimi and Dado took them to Warwick Hills for an egg hunt, craft and brunch.  They loved it!
Kissing, not choking.  I think.
Crazy brother.

Maybe they hid them under the couch?!

With their goods at Warwick.

Always silly.

Craft Time.

Mimi, Paige and a Bunny

Next on the agenda:  Coloring Eggs.

Easter morning brought a whole new day filled with several activities.  First things first, finding Easter baskets and eggs!

This kid LOVES presents!

Girl on a mission!

Checking out the loot!

A little early for Daddy.

Yes, Venom!

Next stop was church.  Yes, we do remember the real meaning of the day even though we like to do it up big with presents and egg hunts!  Carter and Paige went to their Sunday School rooms and Matt and I were joined by his parents for a nice service.  It was nice to be back at church but don't worry, I didn't stand for all of the singing.  

 Right after church we dropped by Mimi and Dado's.  We usually go to Easter Brunch but had to skip this year because we weren't trying to put me into labor!  First thing that happens is the kids get their baskets and presents.
Mommy and Cruz
Cruzey in his finest.
Swamp Fire!  Apparently he REALLY wanted it!

Aunt Tara and Paige Ruby
The rules for the hunt.

It's very important to know what happens next.  The kids get their baskets first so they will be entertained while the real egg hunt begins.  I don't know why or how this tradition started but I like it.  A lot.  My Dad heads to the bank to gets lots of cash and puts random amounts ranging from $1.00 bills to $100.00 bills in eggs.  This is my moment.  I may be small but I will knock people down to get my 15 eggs before anyone else.  I wait for this.  I'm pretty sure this event could have been terrible for my situtation.  This was going to be a problem.  I needed eggs.  Thankfully, my brilliant Mom decided that they would put all the eggs together and randomly draw 15 eggs to give to me while the others ran around.  Not quite the same, but worked for me.  Let me tell you, it really worked!  I scored all the big bills and ended up with $296.00!  Sweet.  Of course, my sister, in true sister fashion, immediatly accused my parents of cheating and giving me "pity money."  I don't think that is the case... but even if it was, I'm good with it;)  I love being the big winner!

The kids eggs hunt is outside and their eggs are filled with candy.  There are about a million eggs out there.  It was an interesting strategy this year.  Paige took one look at the boys and went in the opposite direction.  She was methodical in her gathering.  You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race.  

Carter and Cruz went together.  Carter was all about showing Cruz where the eggs were.  As if he needed help.

The annual group shot of the kids was next.
See, I'm sitting.

Don't forget Jagger James.  He was there!
That was a marathon.  All that excitement at Mimi and Dado's took place in one hour!  Nap time was next before the next stop at Grandma and Grandpa's.  We skipped the meal at their house so the kids could rest but showed up in time for the kids to play with their cousins, Nick and Garrett, and for another egg hunt!  The weather was great and Carter played baseball with the boys while Paige kicked a ball around.  Uncle Nate even took them for a wagon ride which is obviously thrilling.  The kids all love to be together and its even better when they get to play outside!

Needless to say, everyone was in bed early.  I didn't have the baby.  Good day for all!

Oh, and I almost forgot.  The bunny didn't forget Mama:


Not a necessity but a total must-have.

Or Daddy:
New golf shoes for a new season.

If he is going to golf, he better look good doing it.

Hope you had a great Easter as well.
This egg is about cooked!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this post was way too cute! I was laughing so hard about your eggs. You KNOW your took the eggs with the big bucks! haha

    Thank you for sharing!!