Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Updates from the Clark's

Oh Man!  It's been over two months since my last post- just as I swore I would get better about this.  I think about writing a blog almost every day if that helps in any way. I'm a busy girl, what can I say?!

So... I went on the coolest trip ever in February.  It was a little trip we like to call "Mom's Spring Break 2014!"  I hadn't been on a girls trip since I have been married.  I missed all my friends bachelorette parties because I happen to get married first and was pregnant during all of their parties.  Those who know me know that there was no way I was going to a party while pregnant when the mere act of standing upright threw me into labor time and time again!  Needless to say, this was over due.  My parents have an awesome home in Florida that we are able to use whenever we feel like it.  I am constantly offering to take people there and nobody really ever takes me seriously.  Until this time.  I sent out one text to two of my favorite people (they're NICU nurses, of course I love them!) that said something like "Want to go to Florida?"  It took about 20 seconds for both to reply, "I'm in!!"  That, my friends, is how it is done.  It was a PERFECT 4 days.  We had the best time.  We had a lazy time. We had a rowdy time.  We ate, drank, laid in the sun, chatted, and I even got these two non-worker outers to do Crossfit in the driveway.  It was perfection.  We were rockstars during the day and in bed by 9:00 just like all cool Mom's should be.  We were carefree during the day and then participated in FaceTiming each others families at night.  It was awesome.  It will be repeated.  Yearly.  Heres is a little glimpse inside Mom's Spring Break 2014.  Thanks Krista and Meredith for such a fun trip!

Bottoms Up
We love the Lanai Kai

Sweet Krista
"We'd like those drinks with a 151 floater, please."
Whoa.  This was quite the day.  

During CrossFit
Her mood the entire day after Crossfit.

Next up was a quick trip to Orlando for Matt's Annual Sales Meeting.  His company spoiled us rotten and entertained us nightly.  It was a great trip!
"Breaking Barriers" Party

Matty and I

Next up is a trip with our babes to our favorite place.  Can't wait to see their little tan booties running on the beach!

We came home and had a little excitement.  My beautiful, sweet, innocent, insane daughter decided she would bust her face wide open for the second time in 5 months.  This one didn't require glue like the first one.  This was the real deal.  Stitches.  Yuck.  She hasn't quite figured out that she is supposed to be the calm one.  She may be pretty and wear dresses every day but she is rowdier than any boy, any day!
Such a good sport!

I volunteer in Carter's classroom twice a week on my lunch break.  When field trips come around, I like to sign Matt up since I already spend my fair share of time doing the good deed.  It may have been a little mean when I signed him up for the MSU bug house.  You know, since he is terrified of spiders and many bugs.  Never the less, he went because he is that good of a guy!  He was so brave.  Carter's teacher was so proud of his braveness that she even sent me these pictures.  Not sure who had more fun on this trip...



Best Buddies

My little dreamboat

It's never a blog without a little Easton update.  The.  Kid.  Is.  Crazy.  

He's almost three and hitting the naughty stage with a vengence.  I have stories that could go on for days about how I bust him getting in trouble but I'll just give you one quick typical example.  Easton no longer wears a pull up to bed which means that fluids must be cut off relatively early in the night.  One night at 10:00 he woke up wanting water.  I said "no way."  A few minutes later I hear him downstairs.  I wait about 10 minutes and find him in his room with 3 different cups (which he had to scale the counters to get) chugging water out of his bathroom sink!  When I busted him, he just smiled and said "sowwy Mama."  Needless to say, I was up every 20 minutes for the rest of the night taking him pee! 

Easton had ear tubes before his first birthday.  He then had to have them removed in November because they got "stuck" and were causing his ears to bleed daily.  Yes, it was disgusting.  Since then, I have felt like Easton is always yelling at us.  I finally took him in for a hearing test and sure enough he failed!  He was sitting on my lap with his headphones on and kept looking at me asking, "What did she say, Mama?"  It was a safe bet right then and there that he wasn't passing that exam!  More tubes will be put in next month so he can hear us again and hopefully stop yelling!   This will be the 5th time he has been under anesthesia in less than three years.  This poor kid just smiles through it all. We love our Easy E, even if he is more work than any other human alive.

See, I have been busy!  Life is good.  Such a crazy adventure with these three little people in my world.  My whole world I wanted to be a busy Mom and now that I am, I spend every day reminding myself that this is exactly what I wanted.  They keep me on my toes and they fill my days with more than I could ever imagine.  I'm thoroughly exhausted and just as much fulfilled.  At the end of the day, I know I am living a life of purpose guiding these little ones through.  If they would let me sleep at night, their guidance may be a little clearer!  

That's the latest and greatest with the Clark's. 
Little Love Bugs.  Quite the Handful

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